Pierluigi VulloFounder & Managing Director

MSc in Health Psychology, University College London 
MSc in Speech & Hearing Sciences, University College London 
BA (Hons) Linguistics, University of Luton 
Design & Interpretation of Clinical Trials, John Hopkins University

Pierluigi’s academic background is in Epidemiology, Cognitive Science, Neuro and Socio Linguistics, and Psychology and he has worked for 23 years in the medical research industry at an executive level. Having set up qualitative divisions in several global medical fieldwork agencies he has been instrumental in the development and direction of highly experienced international teams of qualitative project managers, recruiters, moderators, ethnographers and analysts.

Prior to working in the MR sector, he was part of Edinburgh University’s research agency – Rhetorical Systems – where he worked as a language development engineer on Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis technologies.

Pierluigi is a proud volunteer with St John Ambulance.