Welcome to our Privacy Notice.

Semantics respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. Our Privacy Notice is being updated whilst we upgrade it to be fully compliant to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation [Reg. (EU) 2016/679].

In the meantime, please review our interim statement of GDPR compliance published on 13 May 2018:


Interim statement of GDPR compliance

This document has been issued as a declaration that Semantics is taking its GDPR responsibilities seriously. Our organisation has begun its journey towards GDPR compliance under the guidance of the Ametros Group, an independent third party GDPR compliance specialist.

The process of developing a robust GDPR compliance strategy includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Documenting the organisation’s records of processing activities
  2. Ensuring structure frameworks of compliance are in place such as data breach recording and reporting, completed risk assessments on high risk processes with reporting structures for ongoing high-risk activities
  3. Creating methods of providing individuals with information surrounding the purposes and conditions that their personal data shall be processed for and by
  4. Assessing the risks that may expose individuals to harm and putting security measures in place to mitigate those risks
  5. Introduction of annual auditing and assessments ensuring that, as an organisation we remain compliant with the GDPR, including case law review and regulation monitoring

The Ametros Group has been instructed to assist Semantics with all the above requirements; they shall assess, document, instruct, advise, provide and review all areas of our organisation’s processing activities and business operations, facilitating our journey to compliance with the GDPR.

Semantics has also appointed a Data Protection Representative (DPR) who can be contacted should you have any questions about our Privacy Notice, wish to exercise your data subjects’ rights, or have any concerns about our data collection practices.

You can contact our DPR by:

  • e-mail at
  • telephone at +44 208 326 56 73
  • post at Semantics MR LTD, Great West House, Great West Road, TW8 9DF, Brentford, London, United Kingdom.

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